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Coronavirus: The NHS workers wearing bin bags as protection

12 hours 4 min ago
One intensive care doctor describes the reality faced by some UK health workers on the front line.
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Coronavirus: 'We're on our knees' says nurse

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 19:14
A nurse posted a video to a Facebook group after a long and difficult shift in ICU amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Coronavirus: Five-year-old among latest UK victims

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 18:15
A child with underlying health conditions is among 708 people whose deaths were reported in the past day.
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Coronavirus: Sunny weather lockdown 'being observed so far'

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 17:44
People across the UK appear to be adhering to social distancing rules, minister Michael Gove has said.
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Nurse deaths 'inevitable' from coronavirus

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 12:28
Nursing chiefs raise fears of protective equipment following the deaths of two nurses.
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Coronavirus: Can the UK do 100,000 tests a day?

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 09:03
The government has pledged to increase daily testing tenfold by the end of the month.
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Coronavirus: Coming 5,000 miles to die for the NHS

Sat, 04/04/2020 - 00:35
Two British-Sudanese doctors became the first doctors to die of coronavirus in the UK. This is their story.
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Coronavirus: How does testing compare across the UK nations?

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 19:09
Official data suggests testing in England has been slower than in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.
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Coronavirus: Staying home this weekend 'not a request', UK told

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 18:31
Health Secretary Matt Hancock says while warm weather is forecast "the disease is still spreading".
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Coronavirus: UK trialling existing and new medicines

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 18:22
The government explains how clinical tests are checking if existing medicines could treat Covid-19.
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The impact my husband's death had on NHS staff

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 15:06
After being told her husband was dying from Covid-19, Sandra Wilson heard the doctor crying down the phone.
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Coronavirus in Africa: Debunking fake news and myths around Covid-19

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 13:36
BBC Africa's Joice Etutu tackles myths around Covid-19 that are being shared online on the continent.
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Coronavirus: Prince Charles opens NHS Nightingale Hospital

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 13:04
Prince Charles sends his thanks as the first UK emergency field hospital to treat coronavirus patients opens.
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Coronavirus: Nightingale Hospital opens at London's ExCel centre

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 12:27
The new NHS Nightingale hospital shows "how the impossible could be made possible", says Prince Charles.
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Coronavirus: Nurse Areema Nasreen dies with Covid-19

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 12:15
The reportedly previously healthy mother-of-three died at Walsall Manor Hospital where she worked.
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Coronavirus: Hospital phone charges 'scandalous'

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 09:44
Families and politicians are calling on Hospedia to cut their charges during the coronavirus crisis.
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Hancock: 'It was like having glass in my throat'

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 09:23
Health Secretary Matt Hancock says he lost half a stone when he fell ill with Covid-19.
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Coronavirus: Questions over how testing pledge will be met

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 04:30
Labour calls for detail on how the government will increase coronavirus testing ten-fold by the end of April.
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‘I just had a baby - now I’m going to the frontline’

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 02:50
A nurse in NYC ended her maternity leave early to help her colleagues on the frontline.
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Coronavirus doctor's diary: Making rapid life-and-death decisions

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 02:07
Covid-19 cases have been filling wards at Bradford Royal Infirmary, and leaving staff with tough decisions to make.
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